Why I’m starting a series of stories called ‘The contemplations’

Laurie Parma
2 min readJan 3, 2018


1. I feel the urge to start jabbing about well-being

I’ve studies for years and sometimes (too often) I have that nagging feeling that whispers ‘for what?’. Who are the people truly benefitting from all that knowledge you’ve piled up over the years outside of strictly work related context? Now I have a channel to share.

2. I asked a bunch of friends and they said ‘ok, you should really do this’

They also provided 200+ suggestions of stuff they’d like to hear about, which I compiled in 52 shades of comprehensive well-being bites for 2018 weekly purposes. I got you covered. I made a calendar here in case you’d like to contemplate with me.

3. Attention Manipulation is the WIN

Attention preceeds any experience we have. This is so basic it hursts. When we don’t watch what falls under the spotlight of attention, we rarely tend to have a good time. Without awareness of what is going on, there can be no questioning or altering the experience we have. In the long run, well-being is informed by what happens in each moments — that and genes, and context, but humour me for a sec — meaning, taking care of our moment-by-moment experience is paramount. Beyond all strategies you can ear about, stating by paying attention to well-being, be it emotional, to performance or connection to others, this only is more powerful than the strategies themselves. Having a mindful, engaged approach is the win.

4. Victor Hugo would have wanted it that way

Naming it “The Contmplations” is an hommage to Hugo’s colection of poetry by the same name. It is an invitation to live this life as if it was poetry, to invite lightness, compassion and playfulness.

5. It is also an invitation to take it a step further: dance with experience

The whole point is to embark on a journey of creating magic within ech moment. If you have a reason why not, I’d like to hear it. Life is going to throw some shit into our faces, no mater what. So we might as well learn to dance with adversity. Some call it emotional intelligence, some equanimity. I think William Blake put it much better than anyone else:

“He who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sunrise”

6. I’ve started a weekly video show

It’s called the contemplations too, so I’m only keeping it together here… And I do like to put things in writting.

…The main entertainment will happen on facebook. Come play.



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